Outsourcing Information Technology service is the allocation of IT duties to an external IT professional, meaning that your business or firm needs not to worry in case an issue that requires an IT expert arises. Seeking IT support from an external source is crucial for companies without the necessary resources, considering that technology is vital for an efficient working place. So, let’s have a look at the major benefits that arise from outsourcing IT support for your business or small firm.

  1. Reduced costs

itAll business owners focus on reducing costs so as to have more savings and investments. Outsourcing IT support can serve as an excellent means of reducing in-house costs necessary to keep technology running. A lot of expenses crop up by employing and training IT persons especially when your line of business is not in the technology field. If your company doesn’t need an IT expert around at all time, the best option to help you eliminate salary and benefits expenses is by outsourcing IT support. Outsourcing IT support also helps a company save when it comes to hardware costs and potential tax spending.

  1. Quick implementation of technology

The best part of outsourcing managed IT services Melbourne is that you can have your technology issues dealt with in the least possible time. Outsourced experts have all the necessary equipment and resources needed for any technology issue. Besides, staff who are IT experts, are well trained in this field, meaning that you do not have to employ other people further or invest in additional resources after hiring these professionals. With such staff, therefore, you can be sure that all technology problems that put your business at a lower productivity risk can be handled in the shortest time possible.

  1. Remain focused on core business

Information TechnologyOutsourcing services out of your expertise such as IT support enables you to concentrate on your main area of business. Dealing with issues out of your area of specialisation may result in a waste of time. Besides, dealing with complex IT issues may also make you spend a lot of money only not to meet your primary goal. Therefore, outsourcing trained IT professional can help avoid all these discouragements as they know the resources needed and you can be guaranteed that all your issues will end up solved.

  1. Enhance security

Outsourcing IT services enables one to comply with current safety standards since experts in this field keep updating themselves with information on rising security measures. Personnel providing IT services also help you to update your firewalls, antiviruses and all security systems you have incorporated in your company. This enables you to avoid any internet crimes or security breaches to prevent the loss of your business privacy.

  1. Risk sharing

Another major benefit of outsourcing IT support is that you shift some of the technology responsibilities entirely to the outsourced IT providers. IT experts have a lot of knowledge and expertise in information technology meaning that they know what to do or not, thereby helping avoid implementing decisions that may impact your business in a diverse way.

Since technology is crucial for all businesses today, it is important for you to ensure that your firm has all the support it needs for its technology. So, if your business doesn’t have the necessary resources to have an inbuilt IT support, consider outsourcing IT services and gain from the above benefits and much more.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft may have always been known as a software company, especially when it comes to computer repair/PC repair; however, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t be able to release hardware that is equally as great. Earlier this week saw the release of the Surface Book, a hybrid notebook measuring 13.5 inches and one that is also known as the thinnest Windows 10 notebook currently available on the market. Additionally, it also contains perhaps one of the highest-resolution screens in both a tablet and a notebook. see for repair info.


This is more than just a high-end laptop, though – it’s a device that is destined to set the bar for other notebooks in the coming years. This is the same move that Microsoft was able to make with tablet space in the Surface series as well, which has led to many different manufacturers attempt to release devices that try to mimic the Surface itself. These products, including the Apple iPad Pro, Dell XPS 12, and HP Spectre x2, share many similarities to the Microsoft Surface tablet. Each products contains a myriad of different features, such as a detachable screen and magnetic keyboard.



However, it should be noted that not every device is a carbon copy of the Microsoft Surface. For instance, the Spectre x2 comes with a kickstand bar, which allows for a larger battery to be placed in the device, while the XPS 12 was initially designed as a laptop with emphasis placed heavily on the keyboard.

Approximately three years ago, the Surface was first introduced as a tablet that could essentially replace your entire computer; however, this was a claim that seemed rather unfounded. On the other hand, since there are other companies that are attempting to imitate this very product, this is a clear indication that Microsoft was onto something from the very beginning.

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Mobile Browsing

You do not hear too much about the Mobilegeddon. On April 21, Google changes its website around to be more mobile friendly. According to reports from the Adobe System non mobile friendly sites saw 12% decrease in traffic after the changes were made.

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Facebook can turn your screen into the new Twitter

Google move seemed to make sense. The ComScore said people that access the internet only from Smartphone has become higher than the number of people that are accessing the internet from computers.

Google has reacted to this and have noticed that many businesses are not adjusting to meet the needs of mobile users.

This have left some people to believe that accessing the website from the desktop computer is better than accessing the internet through mobile phones since many sites are not designed for mobile browsing. This may be true for a number of websites but many popular websites are making sure their mobile users are enjoying their experience. Low traffic sites are generally not as mobile friendly since they are visited less often.

The general public believes that desktop browsing it better. Recently sites are paying more attention to the design of the website for their mobile users.

Mobile internet has become much better for many popular sites. The web versions on these sites are an afterthought that is not worth their time or their attention.

A number of startup sites are only available through mobile browsing . This include many popular financial services including Atom Bomb in the United Kingdom. Games such as Pokemon Go , clothing stores such as Pishmark, and ticket buying services including Gametime work better on the mobile sites. Even Weather Channel has a show exclusively for mobile devices call the Lift. This show will be hosted by long time NBC weatherman Al Roker. Go90 which is the video support service from Verizon works better on mobile devices. Features of this including sports, television shows, and you-tube videos only for mobile phones.

A similar phenomenon is that some of these mobile apps have grown in importance. A good example of this is the app Snapchat. This seems to be the biggest competition for Facebook for users under the age of 25.

Many high traffic internet based service sites are introducing new features that can only be assessed on the mobile devices.

Spotfly has new beat matching Spotift party features that are like an instant DJ. This service is not available on the desktop site. It is exclusively for the mobile site.

Tumblr from Yahoo added a GIF feature in the past month that is only available with the iOS app.

Google is trying to blur the line between the mobile web and apps. This site released a new feature in the Google Search for Android users. The index will be able to find content that was locked inside the Android based app. When you choose one of the results Goggle will run a cloud hosted app in the browse. Since you did not install this app on your phone you are streaming content from the web and not the mobile version that was designed specifically for Android phones. These apps are used with permission only. Google has been using streaming apps from popular sites including HotelTonight, Weather, Chimani, My Horoscope, Gormey, Visual Anatomy Free, New York Subways, and Useful Knots as well as Daily Horoscopes.

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