Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft may have always been known as a software company, especially when it comes to computer repair/PC repair; however, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t be able to release hardware that is equally as great. Earlier this week saw the release of the Surface Book, a hybrid notebook measuring 13.5 inches and one that is also known as the thinnest Windows 10 notebook currently available on the market. Additionally, it also contains perhaps one of the highest-resolution screens in both a tablet and a notebook. see for repair info.


This is more than just a high-end laptop, though – it’s a device that is destined to set the bar for other notebooks in the coming years. This is the same move that Microsoft was able to make with tablet space in the Surface series as well, which has led to many different manufacturers attempt to release devices that try to mimic the Surface itself. These products, including the Apple iPad Pro, Dell XPS 12, and HP Spectre x2, share many similarities to the Microsoft Surface tablet. Each products contains a myriad of different features, such as a detachable screen and magnetic keyboard.



However, it should be noted that not every device is a carbon copy of the Microsoft Surface. For instance, the Spectre x2 comes with a kickstand bar, which allows for a larger battery to be placed in the device, while the XPS 12 was initially designed as a laptop with emphasis placed heavily on the keyboard.

Approximately three years ago, the Surface was first introduced as a tablet that could essentially replace your entire computer; however, this was a claim that seemed rather unfounded. On the other hand, since there are other companies that are attempting to imitate this very product, this is a clear indication that Microsoft was onto something from the very beginning.

This means that the Surface Book can now potentially create an innovation with laptops such as the way Apple created a renovation with smartphones. This product is certainly the most unique laptop that has been seen within the last few years. The aesthetics alone show that the product contains a hinge that coils into itself and doesn’t fold over, which essentially leaves a gap between the keyboard and the screen.


The screen resolution is one that measures 3,000×2,000 which, again, is one of the highest on the market today. Additionally, the Surface Book manages to avoid issues that other similar 4K notebooks seem to encounter occasionally. Furthermore, this product also contains a 1TB SSD and a total of 16GB of RAM, as well as a desktop GPU.


The Surface Pro most definitely represents the cutting edge of all other Windows 10-related laptops; however, it’s overall success will depend on whether or not it creates some kind of revolution or if it’s just another flash in the pan. There were people who did think that the products within the Surface tablet family would fail thanks in large part to all of the negativity surrounding Windows RT. However, Microsoft stuck it out and came up with the formula for the Surface Pro 3, which greatly improved things.


Between the large screen size and the expensive price, it’s certainly possible that the Surface Book will have its fair share of issues; however, there are still high hopes that this will change the landscape of laptops just like the Surface was able to do for tablets, especially since it is Microsoft’s first actual notebook machine.

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