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You do not hear too much about the Mobilegeddon. On April 21, Google changes its website around to be more mobile friendly. According to reports from the Adobe System non mobile friendly sites saw 12% decrease in traffic after the changes were made.

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Google move seemed to make sense. The ComScore said people that access the internet only from Smartphone has become higher than the number of people that are accessing the internet from computers.

Google has reacted to this and have noticed that many businesses are not adjusting to meet the needs of mobile users.

This have left some people to believe that accessing the website from the desktop computer is better than accessing the internet through mobile phones since many sites are not designed for mobile browsing. This may be true for a number of websites but many popular websites are making sure their mobile users are enjoying their experience. Low traffic sites are generally not as mobile friendly since they are visited less often.

The general public believes that desktop browsing it better. Recently sites are paying more attention to the design of the website for their mobile users.

Mobile internet has become much better for many popular sites. The web versions on these sites are an afterthought that is not worth their time or their attention.

A number of startup sites are only available through mobile browsing . This include many popular financial services including Atom Bomb in the United Kingdom. Games such as Pokemon Go , clothing stores such as Pishmark, and ticket buying services including Gametime work better on the mobile sites. Even Weather Channel has a show exclusively for mobile devices call the Lift. This show will be hosted by long time NBC weatherman Al Roker. Go90 which is the video support service from Verizon works better on mobile devices. Features of this including sports, television shows, and you-tube videos only for mobile phones.

A similar phenomenon is that some of these mobile apps have grown in importance. A good example of this is the app Snapchat. This seems to be the biggest competition for Facebook for users under the age of 25.

Many high traffic internet based service sites are introducing new features that can only be assessed on the mobile devices.

Spotfly has new beat matching Spotift party features that are like an instant DJ. This service is not available on the desktop site. It is exclusively for the mobile site.

Tumblr from Yahoo added a GIF feature in the past month that is only available with the iOS app.

Google is trying to blur the line between the mobile web and apps. This site released a new feature in the Google Search for Android users. The index will be able to find content that was locked inside the Android based app. When you choose one of the results Goggle will run a cloud hosted app in the browse. Since you did not install this app on your phone you are streaming content from the web and not the mobile version that was designed specifically for Android phones. These apps are used with permission only. Google has been using streaming apps from popular sites including HotelTonight, Weather, Chimani, My Horoscope, Gormey, Visual Anatomy Free, New York Subways, and Useful Knots as well as Daily Horoscopes.

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Over time we think that thousands of apps will participate with Google. That is a lot of data that a person will not be able to get on their desktop.

You may have heard that Facebook and Google are trying to increase web speed. Facebook develop a system for iOS called Articles. This system was recently released for Android. Articles allow publishers to put their content on Facebook. Facebook users will see something that looks like a story in with their newsfeeds and it will load quickly in a new browser.

Using this feature one iPhones will allow the article to load instantly. This is much faster than

desktop loading times. Facebook already has over 350 publishers.

Google wants to take things a step further with Accelerated Mobile Pages which will replace HTML versions of a website. This site will not use Javsscript and allow the site to load as much as four times faster. The sites that use this will rank higher in Google.

While neither site is promoting these changes they talk about ways they have help users with slow performing devices. Many people that read this article using a mobile device will notice that it loads faster than the desktop version. This is due to Articles and AMP that will work with only mobile devices.

For these reason you may conclude we are in Desktopgeddon where the quality of browsing the internet from desktop or laptop computers will soon be replaced by the experience of using mobile devices.